my obsession with my dogs & personalized jewelry | onecklace giveaway

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

I’ve been on a layers of simple gold necklaces kick for quite sometime. In my opinion, a girl can never ever have too many. I had been considering the idea of getting a piece of jewelry (maybe rings? maybe a necklace?) that was personalized with our dogs names. I know what most of you are thinking… CRAZY DOG LADY. So go ahead and say it, because it actually doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m obsessed with my dogs, and that’s that.

So when Onecklace contacted me about featuring an item of their personalized jewelry I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get something with Loki & Rook’s names on it.

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

Onecklace is an international jewelry company that specializes in personalized items. They have great quality items and excellent customer service. I chose to get the 24k gold plated bar necklace, here! And like I mentioned before, had our two dogs names put on the necklace. This specific design would be great for two kids names, husband + wife names, your two favorite words, favorite Bible verses, etc etc etc. I could think of a million fun ideas!

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

A few of my other favorite items from Onecklace are here, here, & here! Be sure to go check them out!

2 bar necklace // (℅) onecklace, hat// 5th&elm, gold map necklace // threejaneny,
purse // sammoon,  sunnies // target, leopard flats // target, tank//f21, denim shirt// target, leather skinnies// lucky lulus

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And now for the fun part! Onecklace has generously offered to giveaway one 24k gold plated bar necklace with 2 names (like mine!) to one lucky Shabby Loves Chic reader!

Hip hip hooray!

Use the rafflecopter below to enter, you have and good luck!

onecklace personalized necklace giveaway | shabbyloveschic

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blogger love stories | carly + robbie

Today I’m sharing the love story of the oh so sweet blogger behind Lipgloss and Crayons, Carly. She is such a doll! Carly is a wife, a teacher, a new mom and somewhere in there also makes time to blog about all sorts of fun things. Be sure and check out her blog!

blogger love stories | carly + robbie | shabbyloveschic

1. Name (you + husband): Carly and Robbie

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband. Was it love at first site?:
Cheesiest story ever.  We met at church on Valentine’s Day. Sort of. I’m not going to lie, I totally stalked him on Facebook beforehand.  After a series of dating disasters for most of my twenties, at 31 years old I started attending church here in Los Angeles on a regular basis.  The service I attended had a contemporary worship band filled with people my age…..including a very cute violinist.  Pretty random, since I had firm plans to marry a lawyer / accountant type.  As a teacher, I figured that would be ideal….I mean someone needed to make the big bucks, right?  Apparently, there were other plans for my life.  Each week, I decided the violinist was cuter and cuter….but was too shy to approach him.  Then one Sunday at the beginning of February, he appeared to be staring at me across the room.  I went home, and had a pep talk with myself.  I decided, clearly my approach to dating wasn’t working….and I needed to be a little more aggressive.  I added him on Facebook as a friend.  I figured, if he rejected me….it wasn’t THAT embarrassing.  He accepted my request within minutes, and we sent tons of messages back and forth.  We spoke for the first time the next Sunday, Valentine’s Day.  Nine months later, the cute violinist proposed in front of 1,000 women at our church Christmas Tea.

3. How long have you been married?:  It will be 3 years this July!

4. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?: Robbie wrote a piece for me, and had some of his violin students play it…….it was so personal, I loved it!

5. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage? We didn’t move in together until the month we got married, talk about an adjustment! Sharing space? Big change!6.  If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be?: I always try to remember, I knew him when I married him.  Things I knew? His crazy work schedule for instance? This isn’t new…..I chose this!

7. What do you love the very most about your husband?: My husband has the most positive outlook.  He rarely gets upset, and often reminds me of the positive in situations where I might see the negative.  Plus, he has the best sense of humor!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Aw so sweet! I love that he wrote something special for her to be played at their wedding! Precious!
Be sure to check out her blog & follow her on instagram as well!

blogger love stories | shanna + ross

I am extremely excited to share this next gorgeous lady and her love story. I have been following Shanna’s blog, Because Shanna Said So, for quite some time. She is an absolute southern sweetheart. Her blog posts are honest and inspiring. I’m sure most of you already follow her (if not, do it!), but you may not have heard about how she met her husband. And she also gives some very perfect marriage advice that you don’t want to miss, so read on!

blogger love stories | shanna + ross | shabbyloveschic

1. Name (you + husband): Ross and Shanna

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband: I met my husband when I was in the 5th grade. We used to play tag football in his front yard. That’s before I “noticed” boys. As soon as I hit middle school my crush on him was instant. He was a grade above me and he hardly knew my name. I used to doodle, “Ross is fine”  or “Shanna loves Ross”, etc…all those girly wishes. When I entered high school my crush on him was still going strong. We went out on a few dates, rode a Ferris Wheel, he gave me a carnation on Valentine’s Day and he broke my heart over and over. Then he left for college and I slowly let go of the fact that we would never be. As we both left high school and were well into our college years, we reconnected again over the holidays when we were both back at home. Something finally clicked and we have been together ever since. He asked me to marry him on my 21st birthday and we were married a little over a year later.

3. Was it love at first sight? : LOL. Not in the 5th grade, but it definitely was for me when we were in middle school. There was something about that boy that instantly stole my heart. Is it weird to say that deep down I always knew he was the one for me? It just took him a little longer to realize that I was the one for him. Boys are stubborn, ya know!?

4. How long have you been married? It will be 14 years this July.

5. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day? : As cliché as this sounds, it was spending it with all of our family and friends. Because we got married at such a young age we were still very close to both our high school and college friends. So, we got to have a double dose of friends attend. Also, both of our grandmothers were still alive and got to be there to see us get married. If we would have waited to get married down the road, our wedding would not have been as big and not near as many people would have witnessed our special day. We had about 500 guests attend our wedding day festivities.

6. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage?: Ross and I lived together before we tied the knot. I know, shameful in some people’s eyes, but it worked for us. There honestly weren’t any huge adjustments for me or him. I guess the only thing that I had to really get used to was sports & hunting channels being on all the time. We only had one TV when we first got married, so a little bickering on who gets to watch what was our biggest quirky issue…but that’s all resolved now since we have more than one TV in our home now.

7. If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be? : Anyone can get married and plan that magical fairytale day. Staying married and committed to one another after the big day is the hard part. Marriage isn’t easy. It’s not always a walk in the park. The kind of romance you see in the movies and on TV isn’t always real. Sometimes the spark fades in and out. You can lose connection at times. Have fights. Want to quit. Wonder why you married this person in the first place. But at the end of the day, it’s about the vows you took…for better or for worse. It’s a bond. When you have kids it becomes a team effort. It’s not always a fun picnic in the park. There will be ups and downs. It’s so easy for people to throw in the towel and not fight for it. Ross and I have fought hard for our marriage. We have wanted to give up a time or two, but I am so thankful we never did. Our bond is one that will never be broken and I can’t imagine living my life without him. He is my best friend.

8. What do you love the very most about your husband?: He is the most kind, giving, supportive; give you the shirt off his back kind of man. His personality is also very mild mannered, the perfect complement to my fiery personality. He loves me and our children unconditionally. I know that without a doubt.  Seeing him bond with our two girls is one of the most magical things that the Lord granted me with. It melts my heart  day in and day out.

blogger love stories | shanna + ross | shabbyloveschic

Highschool sweethearts, I love it! That is so special and so precious!  I was in no place to have any idea what I wanted or who I really liked in high school. Also, most boys just generally got on my nerves. I always tell Drew that God sure knew what He was doing by having us meet later in life. Because I’m gosh darn sure high school Drew would have driven me crazy. Haha.

Shanna’s marriage advice is so perfect and so so true. Thank you for sharing that Shanna!

Be sure to check out Shanna’s blog and follow her on instagram! Also, she is giving away $100 gift card to Wallis today on her blog, so go enter!

a little more winter before spring

Well, actually I take back that title. It’s more like a little more winter-ish. I mean, you can’t really call 60 degrees winter in the rest of the country, but in California you can. It’s FREEZING outside folks. But, I actually don’t mind it all that much. It means I get to still wear snuggly winter things like this thick knit Miss Pompom scarf from Surfdome!

surfdome pom pom scarf | shabbyloveschic

The day I received this cute thing in the mail it was like 80 degrees outside, go figure. It was so hard to wait and wait a few more days to wear it!! And then of course the day it was cold enough to wear it things were just not falling in my favor for photos. Like the sun just didn’t want to work with my photo taking timeline (clearly!), I didn’t have time to go somewhere much cuter for photos (hello neighbors orange tree!), and the dogs wouldn’t stay out of the photos (see way below photo collage of photo taking craziness). Oh well.

surfdome pom pom scarf | shabbyloveschic Photo Feb 05, 3 43 13 PM

 fairisle scarf// (℅) surfdome, leather jacket// f21, stripe tank// h&m, leather pants//lucky lulu’s, “livingston” ankle boots// jeffery campbell (no longer available that I can find!), map necklace// three jane

I assume that I am not the only one who takes a heck ton of photos of outfits, only to pick out 10 that look remotely decent and only 5 or so to post about. Here are a few “out takes”,  I guess you could call them, from trying to take photos while the doggies were around. Note to self: it just doesn’t work out.


But seriously, isn’t this scarf the cutest? I love the little hot pink pom poms on the end. Go have a look at this scarf and a few of my other favorites from the site for spring here, here & here!

blogger love stories | latisha + casey

I only recently stumbled upon the blog of this next pretty lady. But once I did, I was hooked.  She is such a beauty! I know you will love following her blog as much as I do (if you don’t already!). She has amazing style (give me your closet please LaTisha!), gorgeous gorgeous hair, and a darling little family. You will find great inspiration & tips in all of her outfit and beauty posts! She is just simply precious.

Meet Latisha, the blogger behind The Girl in the Yellow Dress, and her husband Casey!

blogger love stories | latish + casey | shabbyloveschic

1. Name (you + husband): LaTisha & Casey

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband: Well I was leaving in Chicago at the time and he was graduating from SUU and I was visiting my family in Cedar City Utah (where I am from) for a couple of weeks. And this mutual friend we knew set us up on a date. And it was history from there!

3. Was it love at first sight?: Definitely, I thought he was super hot :)

4. How long have you been married?: It will be 6 years this month on the 23rd (just yesterday!)

5. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?: The whole day was one of the best days of my life but I loved the ceremony part of the wedding, and also the reception was so much fun with all our family and friends there celebrating this special day with us!!

6. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage?: haha well he is more tidy then I am. And it drived him crazy ( and still does) when I don’t put my clothes up and throw them on the ground instead of hanging them back up. And It use to drive me crazy at how ocd he was with little things haha, but now with having two kids he has definitely relaxed a lot.

7. If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be?: Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy one another!!

8. What do you love the very most about your husband?: He is the most honest, sincere loving man I have ever meet. And the best father out there!

blogger love stories | latish + casey | shabbyloveschic blogger love stories | latish + casey | shabbyloveschic

And can we just talk for a second about that GORGEOUS wedding dress?! Absolutely stunning. It makes me want to renew our vows…but it’s only been almost 3 years, so not quite long enough haha.

I just adore LaTisha, and love seeing her blog posts and following her on instagram.  You should too!

blogger love stories | meagan + christian

Do you know this pretty lady? You may have seen her face around here several times in the past when we did a few features together! If not, this is Meagan and she is the blogger behind Because  of Jackie. And she is precious. A sweet wife, momma, blogger, and fashionista all rolled into one!

blogger love stories | meagan + christian | shabbyloveschic

 1. Name (you + husband): Meagan and Christian

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband:
We met in college, my friend introduced me to him casually and we became friends, first. I knew he was great and loved hanging out with him, but wasn’t introduced in dating anyone at that point. It’s funny, we have a picture of that first day we met and I love it. I was 19 and he was 21 and we look like babies! I didn’t know it that day, but he would give me everything I ever needed in this world.

3. Was it love at first sight?: It wasn’t. I liked him as a person, I thought he was one of the greatest men I knew, but I didn’t want to date. We hung out, a lot. Eventually we were together almost all the time, yet I knew he was graduating and didn’t want to pursue something that would end when he left. After a summer together I discovered that I never wanted to be without him, that I couldn’t imagine live without him. I needed him in my life in whatever way I could. He ended up staying for an extra semester and we began dating and he was the sweetest, most loving person I could have dreamed of being with. He stayed at school a whole extra year for me, working and getting ready to go into the Coast Guard and this cemented our relationship. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it turned out to be better.

4. How long have you been married?: We’ve been married for almost ten years, with every single year getting better and better. I never thought at the moment that it could be improved upon, but looking back I can see how we have grown and how we have learned how to be a couple and individuals together.

5. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?: It’s funny, the farther you get away from your wedding day and experience life, the less it matters to you (or me, anyway!) I had fun at my wedding, I enjoyed it, but the wedding itself isn’t my favorite part of marriage. My favorite parts are when I saw him hold our first born child, or when we sit and giggle and laugh watching tv in bed, or being able to have a weekend away from the kids. These moments are so much more special to me, they speak about our life and marriage, not a particular day in time.

6. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage?: Living with someone is hard! We moved in together for two years before we got married and moved to a far location (the Bahamas!) right after college. That was hard. Leaving everything we knew, everyone we knew and living in a foreign country? It was isolating and difficult. We were college kids living a suddenly grown up life and it took adjustment. Since then we have learned to compromise, a lot, and you learn to not say every little things that comes to your mind that annoys you about a person! Of course he annoys me, and I know I annoy him, but you learn to find the things that are important to you (having the pillows on the couch look perfect, making the bed, etc) may not be important to them.

7. If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be?: Think in your head every single day, “what is one thing I can do to make their day better?” I think this creates a cycle of caring and showing them that you are there to help them, plus it creates a need in them to to the same for you.

Also, you may not like each other every single day of your relationship. It’s impossible! Remember that this is temporary and arguments/disagreements will pass. Sleep on it! Go to bed angry, give it some thought over whether to not this issue is really something that needs to be argued over. Often I find it is not.

8. What do you love the very most about your husband?: I love that he makes me laugh. Every single day he makes me happy to lay in bed next to him and share my life with him. I also love that he has given me the gift of motherhood, and creating this family with him is just perfection.

meagan + christian
Such perfect marriage advice! And such a cute story!
Be sure to check out Meagan’s blog and follow her on instagram!

blogger love stories | becky + michael

 So if you don’t already know this drop dead gorgeous lady, you need to! Becky is the beauty behind the blog Cella Jane. The reasons why I adore this girl just keep stacking up…I mean for one, her blog is named after her grandmother. How precious is that?  She has such great style, beautiful hair, an adorable little fur baby named Daisy, and some of the dreamiest wedding photos ever! I’ll quit before I start sounding like a stalker :)

blogger love stories | becky + michael | shabbyloveschic

1. Name (you + husband):
Becky +  Michael

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband :
I remember the first time I meet Michael, we were both over at my friend’s getting ready to go out and he asked me if his outfit looked good. I remember thinking…”who is this guy???”

3. Was it love at first sight?:
It was not love at first site, for me that is. Michael said it was love at first site for him. He told his friend, the first time he saw me..”whoever marries that girl is one lucky f**cker” Over the years we became good friends. We would hang out often; working out often together, going to game day tailgates and dinners. I knew he had a crush, but at the time I just wanted to be friends. Eventually I started to fall for his humor and personality. Today, I can’t imagine life without him.

4. How long have you been married? :
We have been married a year and 7 months.

5. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day? :
This is so hard to narrow down but I would have to say it was our first dance. Michael got so emotional and it was so sweet and unexpected. My second favorite was the flash dance that our entire wedding party and guests surprised us with.

6. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage?:
To this day, Michael loves to leave lights and the tv on. I follow him around the house turning them off. I think this is something every relationship has to adjust to. Each person is not perfect and that is really what makes it work.

7. If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be?: I think being friends before we started dating really helped our relationship. We got to know each other being “just us” when we weren’t trying to impress each other or anything. Also, always let the other know how much you appreciate and love them. Don’t take anything for granted.

8. What do you love the very most about your husband?:
 I love the fact that Michael is my soul mate and best friend. He knows me inside and out and I can trust him with anything. He supports me unconditionally and every day I love him more and more. I never knew you could love someone as much as I do unit I met Michael. I remember 10 years ago when my older sister told me she met her  soul mate and that is her husband Aaron. I asked her “how do you know he is your soul mate?” She told me, you just know deep down in your heart and boy was she right. Once I did start falling in love with Michael, I knew he was the one.

cella jane blog
And soon this beautiful couple will be having a little baby! I bet Daisy is going to be pretty jealous!
Be sure to check out Becky’s blog & follow her on instagram for lots of outfit inspiration and more!

blogger love stories | heather + chad

Okay, get ready for the cutest little lady ever…meet Heather of Honee Bee blog! Her blog is jam packed with all kinds of loveliness including outfit pics, recipes, travel and just down right beautiful images. Heather and her husband are so adorable.

blogger love stories | heather + chad | shabbyloveschic 1. Name (you + husband): chad + heather

2. Share the story of when / how you met your husband: So my husband and I had attended the same youth group for years. However we never connected or hung out for some odd reason. It wasn’t until our junior year in high school where we both decided to attend an optional high school that had an environmental focus. It was here that we connected and realized that we actually had known one another. From that point on we toke an interest in one another, chad started to hang around me more and frequently asked me to “help him with math” funny to think of how far we have come!

3. Was it love at first sight?: Well yes and no, no in the sense that we attended the same church for years, but yes in the fact that once we started dating we knew we would probably be married. Our friends would joke and say “I can totally see you getting married” we were 17 at the time and would just laugh it off. But here we are now, 6 years later, and we are married!

4. How long have you been married?: Just celebrated our first wedding anniversary January 19!

5. What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?: Not to be cliché, but my wedding day was truly one of the best days of my life. Everything was just how I imagined it to be when I was a little girl. It is so hard for me to pin point a favorite moment, but a few of my favorite moments include waking up the day of my wedding with my sisters and brial party, which then we turned into a little party in the hotel room (nothing quite hypes you up!), and the dancing with all of our family and friends. Weddings are so great because you have all the people you really care about, in one room together, and you are celebrating a beautiful thing.

6. Was there anything you found hard to adjust to after marriage?: hmmm…. We actually adjusted to marriage very well ( I was surprised, I was slightly nervous before). Nothing really surprised me but I did have to adjust to understanding that it is okay for boys to play video games every once and a while. Hah! While dating he never would play in front of me, but once we lived together that changed things a little bit!

7. If you could give one piece of advice about /for marriage what would it be? Marriage/love is a selfless act. It is easy to get caught up in the feelings of it. But true love is a response to you being selfless and in exchange loving your partner with all of your ability. Laugh often. Be rational in the things you argue about, some thing are little things that get blown out of proportion.

8. What do you love the very most about your husband?: What I love the most about my husband is how supportive he is of me. He is my rock, provider, and the person I can always count on.  He’s a true best friend.

heather +chad

See, told you. The CUTEST!! I pretty much want to be her bff.

Be sure to check out and follow her beautiful instagram feed & her blog!